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Thanks for the AmA.

I am now a corporate professional for about 2+ years. I find myself losing interest quickly after about 3 months in a new job. Also working from home leaves me much more vulnerable to distractions and I find myself losing interest in my work quickly.

I've tried to make lists, prioritize tasks, and schedule my day as much as possible. These have helped, especially when I started, but now I find myself losing interest gradually despite taking these steps. I'm afraid that this may lead to quality issues in my work down the line. So how should I go about remedying this?

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The first two questions in your third paragraph kinda hit the nail on the head.

I have recently transitioned into this field, and my expectations from my work, and what I have actually been doing, were (are?) very different.

To answer the third question, I haven't actually set any benchmarks for myself. I really need to do something about that over the next weekend.

Thanks again. I've a lot to think about and reorganize.

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I think what they meant is to apply what they've learned in practice in their own work.

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Idk man I'm sure they have their reasons. Here in India, we don't even have a concept of a "career coach" as a separate entity. So I just typed out my issues and I'm pretty satisfied with the response I got.