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Apparently it's because there's a strife about the classification (age restriction), and while that is being settled it is effectively banned. So it's not reallly banned the way you and I probably thought at first and will be unbanned whenever they settle that issue in a month or two

Edit: also I see a comment at bit further down that basically says what I'm saying, though I just found a news article.

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The wiki also states that his previous girlfriend has just broken up with him because he turned violent. Additionally he was suspended due to punching a guy that called him racial slurs.

So all in all it sounds like a kid that wasn't doing well on many fronts already, snapping.

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But maybe, just maybe, it might not have turned into this total shitfest. Obviously that's not something we ever know, but it's a possibility.

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Medical research is one field where Sweden does really well, particularly the Karolinska Institute does some absolutely world class research in this area.

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Still massively better thanthe abuse some kids have to suffer through.