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This might also seem obvious/superficial: you gotta start watching the crap your coworkers watch.

Americans are really into sports (US sports mostly), and generally talk a lot about about the latest streaming show or movie.

If you're not into those things, you're naturally going to be left out of conversations and casual chit chat. People also quote lines or memes very often and it's part of the "in group lingo" so to speak. If you don't watch this stuff then you obviously won't get the reference.

And naturally (not even malicious most likely subconscious), your colleagues and manager will see you as "other" as a result.

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This is MBA lingo. Believe it or not, there are lots of people on this planet that can't stand the idea of MBA's and the culture associated with it, including the lingo.

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Thanks, I'll keep an eye out. Nice looking site! But where do you guys post job openings? Don't see a careers or even a blog section unless I'm missing something.

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Where are you guys located? Do you need any help at the moment?

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What is your website's url?