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Hi Eric. I am a student at Virginia Tech as well as VP of our chapter of SSDP. I was fortunate enough to meet you at the SSPD mid-atlantic regional conference held in Richmond in the spring of 2014 as well as the international conference held this fall. What experiences, if any, influenced you to start thinking about drug policy? What was the most astonishing misconception about drugs that you saw when working with congress? Do you believe most congressmen are legitimately uninformed about drugs or do you believe they only hold extreme views on drugs because of their constituents and reputation?

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Hi there, I am a third year law student and am interested in getting into cannabis law. I live and expect to practice in a (currently) illegal state. How would I go about networking for cannabis law jobs in a market that does not yet have too many businesses but has some medical marijuana? If I were to look out of the state where I currently plan the bar, how would you recommend putting myself out to employers to set myself apart? Do you guys do much land use / zoning law for cannabis businesses?

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Thank you both very much for the responses. I am currently a member of a political group at the law school (one of the two major ones, I'll let you guess which). I have brought several speakers to talk about things ranging from marijuana law to civil asset forfeiture. I have been passionate about drug policy for years prior to applying to law school, but hadn't given it full consideration as a career until recently. I think it would be great to get in on the ground floor of a very new area of business law when the industry is starting to grow.

And I absolutely understand what you mean about not being the person who just likes weed. I've always tried to come at my advocacy from a standpoint of it being an important policy that isn't discussed as much as it should be because of the stigma. And the stigma mostly comes from people who advocate only because drugs are their whole identity.

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I'm well past college now but I used to play games like call of duty when I was that age. I would get pretty angry sometimes and my parents hated it. It's certainly not acceptable behavior, but I think 13 years old just have some hormonal stuff that makes them angry when there is enough of a trigger for it. Video games can be that trigger, especially competitive multiplayer ones like fortnite and rocket league. Try telling him that getting angry will only make him worse at the game in addition to it making him seem childish. That might be an angle he'd be more receptive to now and the anger management skills will follow. Lots of anger management is learning to forego the short term satisfaction of being visibly angry to reap the benefits of staying calm on our other abilities.

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How does Mitch McConnel manage to maintain his human looking skin?