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Broadford Bazaar Question-. As a Tull fan who is 30 years old my favorite period of your music has always been the trio of “Songs from the Wood, Stormwatch and Heavy Horses” albums . “Broadford Bazaar” is a pretty obscure Tull track that never made it on to an album at the time, but I’ve always loved it so much, can you tell any backstory about the writing/recording of the song Ian? With the Stormwatch 2 record store day release I was overjoyed to finally be able to have this song on vinyl so thank you!

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My second question is as what are some of Ian Anderson’s favorite books and authors?!

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Thank you for answering, I was in Pitlochry in 2018 visiting family and I drove to Skye to see some of your spots of inspiration for songs. I can see the power that Skye holds in your music. Thank you Ian! I’m also a musician named Andy Chew who is recording an analog album with Gerry Putnam in New Hampshire who has worked on Willy Porter’s music whom I know you have worked with as well!

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Songs From the Wood was my first Tull album, and forever probably will remain at my top!

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Same! Something special about those three for sure! I’ve been chasing that vibe with my music for years.