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This corroborates what a European youth survey -- Generation What -- found: most women who tried sex with more than one person, disliked it. Most men liked it, but the ratio of likes per dislikes is more modest than for public sex, gay sex, and so forth.

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How did data collection happen? Did you interview people live? If so, do you think there were, as far as you could see, social desirability issues - things people were reluctant to talk about?

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Speaking of cows, or non-human animals in general, this non-scientific survey found that women are more likely than men to have fantasies about dogs. Did you happen to ask questions about that or related subjects? 🤔🤔

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That survey I linked to doesn't ask about that. But there's another survey - a nationally representative survey from the US - which found that men are almost twice as likely to have been in a threesome as women. This suggests that MMFs are more common than MFFs (even though, from personal experience, I'd say men will only admit to having taken part in MFFs). It's also possible, however, that there are no big differences between MMFs and MFFs in frequency, but that the share of men in threesomes is pushed up by MMMs, since other surveys show gay men are much more likely than anyone else to have had such an experience.

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Good point!