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I was wondering: how have the cash transfers impacted you and your loved ones emotionally? We often assess the impact in terms of measurable qualities but it would be lovely to hear about the less tangible elements. Does it lead to greater harmony within your inner circle? Do you feel much more at ease? Is it fair to say that the cash transfers facilitate a sense of well being?

Thank you all for doing this AMA :)

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I'm so glad to hear that <3

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Hi. Thanks so much for all you do. BI is a beautiful pursuit.

What challeneges do you foresee in Africa particularly that could delay the implementation of Basic Income? I ask this because of the recent reports that Namibia is struggling to move forward on the issue despite a President and minister of poverty who are both pro BI coupled with extremely encouraging results from their 2013ish DCT study in several villages. There is speculation that machiavellian political and corporate interests are at the heart of the lack of progress. Have you experienced this phenomenon at any level and how then do we work through this momentous resistance? Basic Income and Direct Cash Transfers are such wildly positive constructs that the relative lack of progress so far is discouraging. At least we're collectively moving forward in general, thanks in large part to the work people like you do everyday.

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What would you suggest is the crux of Basic Income resistance amongst humans in a general sense? Factors you've observed over time that contribute to the inertia we see at the moment. Thanks again.

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Do you feel the transfers have helped your community become more connected in a positive sense overall?