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Hello sir. Hope you and your family is doing well in this pandemic.


I have a couple of questions. How does it feel to be a long term professor at a prestigious institution as Carnegie Mellon? How do you think this has prepared you for being an optimal source of knowledge in your field?


According to you how would companies which are currently surviving this crisis be able to focus on making a sustainable income as well as providing it's workers a pension to work? A purely subjective opinion.


How would this crisis as whole impact students from around the globe i.e. Students(domestic and international) who are both in the process of applying as well as those who are going to apply in the next year or two?


What according to you is the key to happiness and Do you consider gift-giving for moral relief(giving gifts to atone for guilt) as not counting as much as giving for the sake of giving?

Thank you so much. Have a great day!!

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Will college admissions be easier for international students now or harder?

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Sorry I meant the third question. Autocorrect 😅. THIRD. My apologies

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Well...I agree with you there! A gift is a gift! No matter the cause of giving. I couldn't help but notice that you didn't answer the third question(probably because of my awful formatting). As a future applicant I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

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But won't the people who planned to apply drop their plans making the way for a lot of students to actually get in? And even if we don't get to study in person for the first year what about studying for the rest of the course?