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Wow, that actually looks like a fascinating book about a field of scientific history that I know very little bit. I've heard of the superheavy elements of course, but not the stories behind them and what it all means for chemistry. Just curious: what was one of the big ways you would say that a superheavy element has changed our understanding of chemistry?

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My GF has an incredible and amazing digestive system.

Never gets sick, no matter what foods eaten, and looks astonishingly young for her age.

Meanwhile I'm pretty much the opposite!

Thus, should I consider eating my GF's poop to reboot my digestive biome with her amazing microbiota?

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Well, I hate to say this, but I've been wondering lately:

it sounds like being part of the United States of America hasn't, overall, been a very good experience for the people of Puerto Rico unfortunately?

Do you think historically, Puerto Rico might have been better off being an independent nation, rather than being a part of the USA?

I mean right now, it's a whole geographic region, with something like 3 to 4 million people, who have little to zero proper representation in Washington.

You could probably add up the populations of 4 states like Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and North Dakota ALL together, and arrive at about the same population as Puerto Rico!

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Indeed. It's really (really) too bad that the island of Puerto Rico wasn't treated better by Washington, and the US military.

I mean it's a stunning, beautiful tropical paradise, with incredible people, and a unique flavor and culture all its own.

If the USA had overall been much more supportive if it's "territory", including more resources for education, and better infrastructure, and given the island a better and strong voice in it's own future and destiny, things could have been very different, in way that would have been a win-win for both parties.

(I mean a richer and more prosperous and influential Puerto Rico is better for the USA as well!)

I think it could have been the next California, with highly innovative and creative people doing amazing new things and flourishing in that kind of rich-cultural and inspiringly-tropical kind of environment!

Well, thank you for all that you've done, and your wife has done in standing up for the people of Puerto Rico to have a better voice in their future.

I can imagine that actually getting arrested for protesting for a better voice of your people must not have been an easy time for you and your wife to say the least.

Well, going forward, I guess the 2 best things that could happen to Puerto Rico to help improve the situation, might be 1) Independence, or if not that, then perhaps 2) Full Statehood status might help, to have better and more true representation?

I'm not sure if #2 is what the people of Puerto Rico would want however, given how things have gone thus far with Washington and the military?