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I read something on reddit a while ago about getting some credit cards, increasing their limits over time, use them to pay of students loans, pay on them for 6-8 months, then file for bankruptcy.

Is this even feasible or legal for that matter?

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Ha. Lack if quality leadership is the exact reason I got out.

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Don't get me wrong, I loved my time in the military. But I find that those with great leadership and intellect find that they can do better than the military and leave.

What you have left now, are those who just stayed because they can't do anything else. Some are good, and love what they do. Most are inept, having learned little over the years, and stuck with both the mentality and knowledge base 10 years behind. At some point people stop doing their job and 'supervise' but do not belive in knowing more about your job than those you oversee.

Now you have a supervisor who knows nothing about their actual job, or hasn't cared to learn the new technology, because there was no reason for them too. Which in turn causes problems when their subordinates realize they know jack shit.

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Where is the most unique place you masturbated in Afghanistan?

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That motherfucker.