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This also depends a lot on location and who is working. If we have our scheduled maintenance person (if there’s one at all), then it’s every nice. Drink machines are done manually. Ice cream is automatic and shuts off in the morning, because we don’t serve it between 4am-11am (breakfast menu and all that).

If there’s no maintenance person, this might not get done because of the rest of the work load. However, I’ve worked with a manager who is incredible at his job and gets all of the cleaning done even when there is no maintenance person - i don’t know how he does it, but i know he does it well.

ETA: I should mention i don’t know the maintenance for the ice cream machine (though, i do know it’s a pain and takes a while when it’s broken to get it started again). Something i’m hoping to learn in the future, though. I just know it shuts off automatically.

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extra +$2.50 per hour on top of your individual wage. minimum wage here is $15.50CAD but you can get raises, and that won’t change the premium pay

Benefits include free food if the overnight manager thinks you’re cool.

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Changeover. At my location we technically close between 3:50AM and open at 4:10AM, where we switch between dinner/all day breakfast and to the full breakfast menu only. If you order food after changeover there’s still gonna be that sweet sweet wait, because we have to set everything up and check the temperature too.

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Yes, and sometimes no. There are always bad days, this is part of life. Recently, work as been really good. The new overnight manager is great, gives free food to all the crew, and we make jokes to each other but still get all our respective work done by the end of the night.

The people you work with can really make or break any shift. I really like working with one manager, the one who trained me, and even when we were getting swamped with orders the entire night i still had a good shift because of how pleasant he is to work with, even when the stress is high. I’d say the same about the current overnight manager too, she’s sweet and good at her job. Rest of the crew (which is usually only one or two other people, front counter and sometimes maintenance) are chill too :)

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Ronald McDonald wonderful boss he greets me every day. hamburglar is a menace he is still out there… my nemesis