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RSKingsleyWard114 karma

When they were at Rockfield Ozzy thought there were ghosts in one of our old buildings, turned out it was the other band members messing with him, frightened him to death. They were outside making noises for most of the night, he was paranoid the entire week.

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You are absolute right, they knew what they were doing which gave them some spare time to help us out with some decorating, painting our studio windows, they were a great band with a great work ethic.

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Adam and the Ants were unlike anything we had seen, they were using two drum kits when they were recording here but they started an entire new trend with their music and image.

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Only when they had a slight dispute on the lawn outside, there was definitely a bit of damage done to the accommodations but the good news was the album went on to sell 23 million. Good lads.

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We had a big drug bust in 1972 that we mention in the film, always goes down well at a dinner party. At the time I was cleaning up the studios and walked straight into the police without realising I had a big bag of ‘evidence’ in my hands.