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Did you ever confide your situation to a friend or were you always aware it would be too dangerous to disclose? I know kids have a really hard time keeping big secrets from close friends so it must have been difficult to never tell. Good luck to you and your wife.


Do you worry that you may get PTSD? Thanks for your service and I wish you and your family the best especially when you return home.


Just woke up and saw 5 Americans were killed by an IED in Afghanistan-how do you handle news like this? I want to thank all of you over there for your service. Please stay safe and get home soon.


Monterey,Ca had a similar 30 day amnesty for people with misdemeanor traffic violations. Everyone paid $100 to clear their record and the county raked in thousands(maybe hundreds of thousands) of dollars and drivers, like me, could finally relax when a police car was following in our rear-view mirror.


Why do you think the number of cleft lip cases have decreased in Guinea? Is it caused by a lack of a certain vitamin? I'm in the USA and 2 of my husband's 5 siblings had this condition and I didn't think there was any way to prevent it.