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What advice would you give to me? I am an experienced solo tripper who enjoyed quite a few pleasant trips between the ages of 18 to 23 from 1999 to 2004 ish or so. As far as psychedelics I only knowingly experienced ketamine once. That was enough. A bad dude hanging around was luckily thwarted by a good friend from raping my gf that night. Acid a handful of times. Max dose 4 tabs whatever that means. Some moments of panic cause I fucked up my set/setting miserably bad that particular day. MDMA or something posing as it a handful of times and mushrooms uh quite a bit. Went out on a high note seventeen years ago but knew I would be curious again one day. Neeeded to take care of a wholllle lot of growing up and then a whole lot of therapy it always having my ear to the old psychedelic experience I found mostly helpful in untangling my mind that was warped by a couple of modern day trump fanatics’ abusive dynamic in the 80s and 90s. Shane help me. I am a soon to be forty year old trans woman who only just got her shit together and started HRT a month ago and now I’m recovering from covid, getting the vaccine and planning on making a coast to coast move within the next two years but sometime in there want to get hooked into some doctors that will provide clinical setting for finally putting the trauma of my past forest for good through a very deep substance like 5meoDMT or ayahuasca or something. Just want a safe place to do it once when I am ready. I plan on going to the beaches of Maine on mushrooms a lot this summer and instead of slaving away making tourists drinks while I starve next winter I will be starting a new career and would like to also close the chapter on my decade as a freshly earned bachelors degree in engineering being used to tend bar. I am so running on. I’m done. Rambling.