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Such as? It would seem weird trying to find where they work to go interrupt and shake their hands in appreciation, as much as folks might like to. Calling 911 and asking, "where are you" might be ironic, but obviously problematic.

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You didn't plan on this career, so what path brought you to it?

When called, what information do you seek first?

What is the most annoying habit of true emergency callers, and what would you have folks calling in do differently to alleviate it?

What impact do callers with location disabled on their mobiles have?

Are latitude/longitude coordinates as useful for responders as a nearby street address for outdoor incidents?

Do you have text/SMS 911 available yet? How does the less interactive nature of texting impact things? (Or if not enabled for you yet, what do you anticipate/have you heard? Will procedures be different than verbal?)

What other modern forms of communication might be adopted, since texting is being replaced by online/mobile chat services.

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Back when there were dedicated paintball stores, they shipped both ways and found not marking fragile resulted in less damage. Drawing attention just results in rougher behavior.

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Avoid. Those drainage ponds near many homes/buildings in FL? Avoid them, don't get nearer than a couple body lengths. Shouldn't feed ducks/wildlife anyway (as it generally harms them), but especially don't in FL where it can also harm you.

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To link on reddit, just paste the link, reddit automagically makes it clickable. Don't need to do a dang thing more or know anything.

If you want to get fancy, don't. Technically you can use brackets and a label, but I never remember which part gets the parenthesis vs. brackets.

Also reddit generally doesn't allow link shorteners which can obscure malicious links or be redirected after the fact, so just paste the link.