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Im trying to imagine digital warfare currently. Stuxnet, solaris, etc. What would be the equivalent? Are we at Vietnam, WWI wars? or skirmishes with deadly weapons but more formal, like British gun powder battles, men lining up and blind firing? Like are we in the infant stages or closer to modern warfare? What would be a good analogy? Reason why im asking is if you look at Afgan/Iraq war, extremely expensive and a PR nightmare. I can only see the trend increasing if not parabolic in cyber battles between nation states.

Another question.

One day, i imagine public traffic will be like how your network handles data with switches. Less congestion, All 1’s and 0’s, preconfigured. Also traffic happens because of the waves of brakes for example on highways. How far off are we from that? 100-200 years? Not FSD, but more advance?



I bought a Athlon X2 3800+ and it was a beast back then..


Thank you, I will read this tonight.