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I think many people would be willing to pay for some higher quality porn than you can get on free tube sites, but there are several potential issues to billing. I don't want to give my credit card number to pretty much any porn site as abuse is rampant, and don't really care for the privacy implications of having it on my billing statements either. Have you considered crypto currency microtransaction on the bitcoin lighting network to get around both of these issues and make it easier for more people to pay you?

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Is it wrong that I'm so desperate for time off work with pay that I might consider letting them cut off a chunk of my liver to get this?

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The (maybe not so) simply question is why is this even a complicated question that involves teams of MIT data scientists in the first place? If amazon can get any of thousands of widgets directly to my door step in less than two days, why is it so freaking complicated to give shots in the arm to nurses and old people without royally screwing something up? This just seems like it should be a no brainer process- overnight UPS ship those vaccines with freeze packs to the hospitals and pharmacies and the local people give out shots. Should not be so freaking complicated. Fill out an online form saying who got it and when. This is just another instance of the government getting involved and making everything worse for everyone.

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What is currently unknown about crocodiles and alligators and how would finding this out benefit humans or the planet? Not trying to be snarky but I thought we have a pretty good understanding of these things by now.

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The government has never been known for doing anything, literally anything at all, quickly or effectively. If you want something done fast or efficiently, the US federal government is the last party that you want involved. The government has bungled everything from hurricane response to the war on drugs. I think you'd have to be willfully ignorant to think that a big government involvement could ever be employed to effectively distribute the covid vaccine.