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if your last name could be any colour other than green... what would you pick and why? (canadian sup how ur pennys doing america?)

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XRP is a scam crypto

Got any proof of that FUD or are we just slinging whatever we "feel" like today?

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ROI on XRP over BTC is better for XRP at almost any timeframe over the past 3-6 years. JS

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u should know, i laughed so hard i had to change my clothing...

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Coin ownership =/= Control over the ledger. so no, The XRPL does not have an "owner" if I own a lot of chairs do I get to decide who is allowed to sit, own, use, trade in chairs? do i get to control who else gets chairs and when or how they can sit down? your argument is ridiculously bad and untrue.

Nobody controls the XRPL, no one can stop, halt, freeze, reverse, mint, print, steal your XRP. Provide evidence otherwise.

it isn't affected by continuous inflation,

first of all, yes, yes it is. daily block rewards every day are litteral inflation. meanwhile Fees on XRPL are burned so the total supply of XRP falls every day and it makes the asset deflationary by default.

Nobody knows why Ripple/XRP is in the list of cryptocurrencies.

because noone can provide evidence that XRP is not a crypto when asked.

It has a huge huge stash of pre-mined coins the owner has not issued yet, like 60%.

52.15% in escrow and the coins have already been issued, they are in escrow you can see them here https://www.xrparcade.com/escrow/ again you are spreading FUD/misinformation.

There are so many Ripple/XRP that any price attached to it is meaningless.

Ripple = company

XRP= the token

The price attached is not meaningless because it would be zero if true again, what an "argument" lol