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Before I have a migraine I usually get an achey left eye and everything becomes blurry through it. I also sometimes get a pins and needles sensation in my fingertips and my stomach just shuts off like "nope, nothing going through here today."

During the migraine I get light-headed, any light or sound feels like I'm being stabbed with hot needles in the applicable organ. I rarely throw up from the pain but that used to happen frequently, now I take better care to minimise environmental factors that may make it worse. I often lose sight in my left eye completely and my entire brain feels like it's being squashed in a clamp or vice.

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Yeah for sure, when the left eye lets out a lil throb I'm suddenly running around grabbing water and paracetamol and pillows.

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That would be a good idea, you could split the shifts of work that needs to be done so that one person smokes while the other works and then it switches. That way it's not just multiple people relaxing but only one getting to smoke which may cause resentment after awhile.

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How do you think taking cannabis with you would affect your tolerance for isolation? With its ability to lighten moods and help treat conditions like depression/anxiety/stress etc, do you think that it could be a useful tool for astronauts if there was an easy method of consumption without combustion?

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I get super duper bad hayfever. I even tried prescription antihistamines and I was still blocked up, so what's up with that?