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QuitLookingAtMe6 karma

Was the intention from the beginning to make a few silly videos, then transition to serious ones? If so, the concept is brilliant. Another rapper would have just faded into the background, but an "over his head" kid who appears to improve could gain a cult following.

QuitLookingAtMe6 karma

I remember watching "Same Old Kid" for the first time a couple of years ago and thinking "hey, this isn't a joke, it's actually good." Also, "Push Me" is a really good serious one. If I heard it on the radio without seeing the video I would assume it's just some new song.

Also, my wife will occasionally yell "why's James cryin'?" to me through the house, which is always followed by me yelling "'cause he just got dunked on!"

Last question: who produces the music? Is that also Froggy Fresh, is it you, or is there someone else who works with you guys?