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How common are conscientious objectors in Finland?

How long is the military service?

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I work in freelance, here's my work. My income is almost entirely commission and in my field it's shamefully work for hire until the cows come home, however:

A few times I've wound up with the copyright to the cover of a product that hit it big and the client set up for himself a semi exclusive deal- I can sell the copyright to the same people he has sold the rights to the game to. This game has been made into two or three languages other than English now and every time I have to make a deal for the rights for those people to use it.

I know how to write the contracts, I cannot figure out what the appropriate value to sell them is. What does an expert on freelance consider here?

I was so desperate one time I tried to contact Ralph Horsley to see if he'd help a nobody, but alas...

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Do you play video games yourself? If yes, does the knowledge of your specific niche keep you from enjoying them at times?

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I'm a freelance illustrator creating illustrations for people who work predominately in pen and paper roleplaying games, but I work almost exclusively for an ebook Amazon self-published guy right now painting concepts for monsters and aliens for his books.

Work for hire is "shameful" because I went to school with people who were trying to teach me to be an editorial illustrator and they would always say, "never do work for hire." I know, funny- right? Like who were they working for they didn't have to deal with that? (And the fact they all said that and then I left school without the knowledge of how to answer this question is double-funny).

Thanks for looking at this, I know it's weird and nuanced and you're not the first nor last I've asked. I'll figure this out...

I'm not necessarily trying to build a passive income, I'm past my eyeballs in work at the moment and love riding the commission wave. Truth be told I honestly was not even aware I had the copyright to the piece in question until someone e-mailed me, having gotten my contact from the publisher, to try and buy the copyright.

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Didn't Mueller leave that charge up to Barr to decide upon given the evidence? While what you're saying is obviously problematic I think the case would be much more compelling if Mueller had suggested charges- there's clearly a lack of solid evidence or else Mueller would. Right?

I guess we'll see.