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The best part is that the beer bottle goes the other way to pour.

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Come check us out at /r/wildstar

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Except its not like most jobs where your hours are entirely spoken for. She can still work a normal job (within reason for a pregnant woman). It's not like she is spending 24hours of her conscious effort nurturing the baby, its all mainly subconscious.

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My cat is more of the "do my own thing" cat, but when i first come home from being gone several hours (or if i wake up late) she will meow up a storm and come greet me and want to cuddle.

I'd say it's mainly just a "I missed you, feed me!" type thing.

It was especially bad when I fed my cat immediately when I woke up for work, as she wouldnt let me sleep in on the weekends

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ooo, i like the scroll wheel one