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This is the most interesting thing I've ever seen on Reddit. (I don't get out much.)

OP, can a whole flock of birds be stolen by another flock?

I seem the remember being a kid in a neighborhood where Italian and Portuguese men kept dozens of birds and sort of raced them against each other. Two groups would suddenly merge into one and they'd all fly off together. Is that a thing?

Thanks for posting!

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I've had breast cancer. For years, I had a peculiar pain in one breast that became a tumor and resulted in a mastectomy. Now I have a similar pain in my remaining breast. Although tests reveal no mass, I suspect an eventual tumor. So, Question: might a report of pain indicate the formation of a tumor before it is noted by other formal tests?

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I've got a great oncologist, but your reply encourages me to speak up at my next exam, which is a month from now. Thanks!

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will do. thanks!

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Do you have a system of sending out material to different publications by tweaking the information in a single article? Have you made contact with editors or publishers who know your work and are willing to publish you?