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Wtf, stalking Federal employees like that should have gotten them some SWAT teams at their door. Only this time instead of "going clear" it's "bang and clear".

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Yeah. Instead of a glide ratio of 1:22, the wingsuit has a more limited 1:3 ratio.

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The question here would be: Can you pull up enough with the available lift to you to safely engage your parachute and land at a safe velocity?

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Like Albert Einstein said “a good girl is worth a thousand hoes”

If I didn’t have my disability then my standards would be lower, but if we were to hang out, I need to know you got me.

You could always lead with the line "My boner is a real bone, wanna see?" Or "The flesh is weak but I am literally hard."

I hope you'll remain in good spirits, degenerative disease sucks. Doesn't there come to a point where you have to either choose to permanently remain in a sitting position or a laying down/standing position? Having to make that choice would be difficult for me to do.