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Suppose a resident of 101 Nuttyname St sees that the resident of 104 Nuttyname St doesn't answer the door for the Address Canvasser. When the Address Canvasser knocks on the door at 101 Nuttyname St, the resident opens the door. After answering the Address Canvasser's questions, the resident says "I see Joe didn't open his door for you. May I tell you Joe subdivided his house? His tenants enter their Housing Unit through a back door."

Do you add Joe's rental unit to the address list?

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No. According to the Census Bureau's website

Public Law 94-521 prohibits us from asking a question on religious affiliation on a mandatory basis


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Using map at https://www.census.gov/about/regions.html, determine which Regional Census Center "serves" your area. Then click on this link https://2020census.gov/en/contact-us/rcc . You can then call your Regional Census Center.

Keep in mind that Regional Census Offices are permanent and different from temporary Regional Census Centers.

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Perhaps the Census Bureau already hired enough Address Canvassers in your area. They may still hire you for Enumerator work in May 2020.

Understandably, the background check is supposed to be thorough. A relatively small issue or error could nix your application.

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Under no circumstances should an Address Canvasser call ICE.

Cuccinelli: We Do Not See Names, Addresses of People Who Are Not Citizens on Census 08Jul19