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I just want to say that, judging by your responses here and attitude, kudos to your therapists.

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When I saw that the ballots were color-coded according to choice and that they were deposited in clear boxes in the middle of an open room, the whole process lost any semblance of credibility to me. If the armed, partisan presence in the region can see which way you vote, then it is not a free election.

EDIT: Source, The Wall Street Journal.

I read this yesterday. The pertinent passage reads;

Sure enough, inside the dozens of transparent ballot boxes viewed by Wall Street Journal reporters across Crimea, not a single vote against joining Russia could be seen.

I'm not saying that The WSJ couldn't be fooled, only that I didn't pull that piece of info off of some blog or Fox News or something like that.

EDIT2: OK, this appears to be BS. Please disregard.

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Maybe you can't, but I bet you're trying really, really hard.

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I'm a 52 year old man and I'm crying like a little gir-......um, like a person who cries very easily.

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But then the cocaine dealers would be more willing to help you out in the future.

They're just plain folk....