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Whats bad is more and more 'news' is coming from posts on Reddit. I know a few full time bloggers that seem to use reddit a good amount for post ideas. Plus stuff in the 'real' news. A funny video is seen on reddit and get a lot of attention, then the next day its seen on cnn, msnbc, fox, etc.


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I was born with scoliosis and the thing I hated most was "oh you are so brave". Oh fuck off, I don't know any other way. Having a fucked up back is what I know.

Bastards. All of em!

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That is one game I would love a remake of. MW4: Mercs was crap in comparison.

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That sounds like a gay porn title. Lol

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warning This is going to be long...

www.scoliosis.org and go to their forums. There are parents of children with scoliosis, there are children with scoliosis, there are adults with scoliosis and many people pre and post op, also people who are not having surgery and exploring other alternatives. Having just read your edit this might be a good place for you to talk to other people like us. I know it really helped me when I was there.

I was like you in that I was born with it, although I had some other issues as well, not one vertebrae were the same shape, I had half vertebrae as well, also the ribs on my right side were all crossed over. I was 12 when I had my surgery, T1-L4, and the curve had progressed very rapidly over a short period of time the doctors could not wait until after puberty like they wanted, it had to be before. I had a life expectancy of maybe 20-21 because the curve was just getting worse and worse. At the time of my surgery I was at 110 degrees. I looked a lot like your picture, although my curve went in the opposite was as yours does. They were able to straighten me to about a 35 degree curve. So don't give up hope its impossible to fix, they straighten adults all the time, maybe not with that degree of curve, but they have done it before. But as with all surgeries there is a risk and you need to weigh that in with living with it the same in the future and what difficulties you may endure.

In reading a lot of your replies to people it is like a mirror of my younger days. I too played sports, but can't run for shit with the lack of air capacity. I also hated the 'pity' type people who with a pat on the head would tell me "what a brave little boy you are". Ugh. Shoot me please. Scoliosis IS my normal. Its all I have known and frankly if I had a chance to live my life over I'd still keep the scoliosis as I believe it has made me a stronger person and its part of who I am. I don't hate who I am. I am comfortable in my shoes and you should be too. Just be the best you you can be and to hell with all the haters.

Girls can be tricky as you have found out, but just be yourself and the good ones will ignore your back issues. The main thing is confidence. Even 'normal' guys have the same issue, but if you have confidence women will like that.

Well I think I have rambled long enough. You might be interested to read this its my mother's view in raising me and the things we encountered along the way. It is long though.

Take care and stay strong!