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Whats bad is more and more 'news' is coming from posts on Reddit. I know a few full time bloggers that seem to use reddit a good amount for post ideas. Plus stuff in the 'real' news. A funny video is seen on reddit and get a lot of attention, then the next day its seen on cnn, msnbc, fox, etc.


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I was born with scoliosis and the thing I hated most was "oh you are so brave". Oh fuck off, I don't know any other way. Having a fucked up back is what I know.

Bastards. All of em!

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It is completely beyond me how you people are not out in the streets with pitch forks and torches.

Because politicians (on both sides sadly) are beholden to health insurance companies, as well as big pharma. They lie and say that socialized medicine is horrible, and they'll trot out some story of people going to the US for treatment instead of having it done at home and having to wait until they are almost dead before being seen in their home country. Complete lies and bullshit, but you say "socialized medicine" to some people and they'll repeat talking points from politicians, and insurance companies.

I like to point out that something new in the US is "medical tourism", where they will fly to another country, stay in a hotel, get surgery done and fly back to the US, and all that is still cheaper than going through their insurance, if they have any. What's interesting is that many countries have better results for certain surgeries than the US does. Not just first world countries, but developing countries as well.

"Well those countries are taxed to death to pay for socialized medicine!". Not so much. Comparing Canadian and US tax rates for families and singles, there really isn't that much of a difference. Certainly not enough to matter when the US is paying triple the amount, per capita, in healthcare related costs compared to Canada, and doesn't have national healthcare. They pay that three times more in government money, and then on top of that have to pay large amounts to health insurance companies, where Canadians typically don't. Plus, we have no danger of getting rejected by insurance, and we don't have some high school graduate getting in between me and my doctor in care related issues.

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That is one game I would love a remake of. MW4: Mercs was crap in comparison.

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That sounds like a gay porn title. Lol