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I'm not sure if I drink more or less now than I did then. I know that I ran up a $600+ hotel bill at a NYC hotel because I invited a bunch of friends over from NJ and we cleared out the mini bar. Nintendo was not happy with me. I also made a bunch of long distance phone calls. heh

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So the advertised prizes were a new Mustang and $5000 cash among other things. In reality they tell you they will either give you $15000 cash or give $15000 to a dealership so you can go pick out a car. I took the cash and they sent me a check for $20000.

I got a 30 something inch tv, a VCR, a Nintendo exercise bike which I still have laying around and 50 SNES games which were all unopened and I returned for Jeffrey money at Toys R Us and got full value on each. I already had the ones I wanted and was able to just buy what I wanted for months after that.

Funny story I got pulled over once and a cop patted me down and I had the TRU money in my pocket and he was like "What's that?" I had to explain the whole story and he let me go saying "Nobody could make that up".

All told is was around $33000 in cash and prizes.

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To answer more clearly. I do a bunch of streaming these days. Gaming is a huge part of who I am so that is never going to change. As I get older though the physicality of some of it gets harder. Hands don't want to cooperate as much as they used to and such.

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Nintendo gave a demo copy to stores and that demo was the whole game. I borrowed one from a local Software ETC because I knew the manager. Played it over night while they were clsoed and invited a bunch of friends over to play it. We finished it that night.

I bought my copy the day I left for the tournament from the same store so I was playing it in my hotel room during the finals. We didn't know they were going to have it be part of the tournament though and the cart in the tournament was score based and had missing secrets. The other top 2 finalist also had the game but the other 3rd and 4th place finishers did not.

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Dark Souls