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"It's your boyfriend!"

"he's not my boyfriend...... Hey babe"

Spaced is still my biggest bank of random quotes. cheers for that.

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How do you go through over 30 years of being an extra, mostly uncredited, and still feel amazing about it? Most extras I met when I did for that work for a little while would go on and on about their theoretical break into speaking parts and eventually into being "recognised". Did you start off like that and hit a point where you realised you were having fun either way or do you still wonder why you never got picked up for bigger parts?

Also - Which shows treated their extras best and which shows treated you like crap? It was pretty spoken of during my stint not to accept jobs with "Home and Away" due to the shocking way they treated extras.

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"the queen's immaculate anus. #asaltysurprise"

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pitchforks aren't very shibelike! All you have to do is sneak into his bedroom at night and whisper in his ear whilst he sleeps "wow. such lawyering. Accept much doge" and he'll wake up one morning and go "i should accept Dogecoin"

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she said up top she was having a reaction to the wooping cough vaccine and was unable to get the full course. that she was relying on herd immunity.