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Up voted because details were impeccable.

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Congrats on the new in store copies Hugh! I hope you have great success with them. I never got to tell you the extense to which your books have changed my life. Just what Twitter would let me fit in.

I've had depression throughout my life but had never had any coping mechanism other than to shut others out. I've never been a reader, the outcomes of books often irritated me so in my adult life I had read a total of one book.

I picked up Wool Omnibus on Amazon on a whim to try and get into reading, my wife is a reader. I couldn't put it down, it helped show me how different and worse off life could be. I've had so many dreams where I'm right there beside your many characters loving and hating every one of them.

If you ever end up in Chicago for a fan meet up I'd like to buy you some coffee and personally thank you for the difference you've made in my quality of life.

My question: Who/what is your greatest inspiration for writing?

How do you pound out such good books in such little time/what jeeps you ticking?

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How does this work do you just get knocked up and choose some fitting parents? Is this your first?