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So does the money go directly to the people in need, or organizations that you've vetted to make sure will actually do good with it? Thanks for doing this AMA :)

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Thank you for the great response :) Maybe I’m just double-tapping, but I remember reading a book that basically asserted people respond far less to logic than they do to emotion and how they feel about something. How did you bridge that gap/appeal to their emotionality or how they felt about what was at hand?

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I love your last point because it reminds me a lot of the one made in The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck. That is, how one defines success. By many people’s margins, Dave Mustaine was a huge success, but he allegedly felt like a failure because he had never outdone his old band Metallica. Very important point to consider.

Thanks for doing this ama!

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One of my personal worries is that it's becoming more acceptable to be racist against white people, and/or making them more fearful of speaking lest they offend someone (that is, when they are not actually being offensive).

I've personally witnessed it in a couple of my white friends, that seemed to adopt a kind of unconscious trepidation and habit of disclaimers if the subject even just seemed sensitive. And to be sure, they were/are very much not racist people.

And while I can advocate for the kind of hesitation adopted when someone doesn't feel they're knowledgeable enough about a subject, the other kind of hesitation just feels more like fear.