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PurpleVoltage5 karma

I'll be honest, I fucked up very recently, Thanksgiving at 4:30 AM getting home from the night before. I went over a roundabout instead of around it, totaling my cheap car in the process. I've never done anything like this before, no criminal history whatsoever.

Phone was dead, and my only options were to wait or run. I waited, and the cops were the first car to pass about 10 minutes later. They stopped and took me to the station for DUI. I blew over a 0.1

I got a lawyer, thanks to the help of my guardians, as I am only 20 years old. The lawyer said I'm essentially fucked, and said that best case scenario is that I "get away" with reckless endangerment.

I had not received paperwork regarding the DUI, until about three weeks later the police had taped it to my front door, past the time to file for a hearing. My lawyer applied for a late hearing request.

To our surprise, the paperwork was never filed with the DoL, thus there was no record of the biggest fuckup of my life. My lawyer said that sometimes cops do this with kids who clearly made a mistake and have no criminal history. Unfortunately, the DoL wants to look into it, so it could go either way.

My question to you: Do you see this often? How do you feel about it? Have you ever let someone off the hook for a crime so serious? Hypothetically, if you didn't file with the DoL, could you get in legal trouble?