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May I ask how did you manage to have a 2D game require minimum of 2.4Ghz processor with recommended being 3.0Ghz? I hope you just didn't setup requirements correctly, because otherwise I can already tell that it was done in worst way possible as I don't see what would require so much power, from preview...

That's like what 3D games with tons of stuff in them require.

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Verizon is a big company I'd assume. The owner might be one, but every facility or whatever you call it, is most likely kind of "owned"/controlled by different people and not everyone is greedy, at least not on the same scale.

That's just assumption but I don't really know what else it could be. Like, it doesn't matter where I work, I work for money, that is, if the best I could get is to work at tobacco company for a year or two, even though I don't smoke nor support it, it would be because of money I'd get, not because I support it. I think it's the same everywhere, as most people prefer to live for themselves and not others.

Just like you could work at verizon but be against it's decisions but stay silent inside the company because you don't want to lose a well paid spot in it.

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Special threads like this should have downvotes removed so we can see how many people agree and that's all.

Also not like downvoting this will reverse real thing lol.

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What are those problems that they will solve and how it will change our world? (Few most interesting ones to yourself or something like that)

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How do you react to people overreacting to you eating your own legs meat?

It's just fucking meat, not like maggots wouldn't have done the same with it, actually wait, who knows what restaurant they would have sent your leg to anyway...