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This is a cave that is completely surrounded by cracks and holes. Water is flowing in from literally every direction because it so so porous. They have so many pumps that the surrounding area is flooding and it still isn't enough because so much water can enter at any point.

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No. They don't even really know where the cave is.

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I'm an economist but I don't work in macro or forecasting. Of the people you talk to, who are the most worried about a recession or confident that it will occur? Economists working at banks or academic departments? Fed economists? Business leaders or financial analysts? Who seems the most nervous?

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There is no way in deeper. They are trapped on a small ledge inside a totally flooded chamber.

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To get to the cave, you need to squeeze into a tiny 2ft opening underwater in pitch-black, muddy, high-current soup. How are they going to get this machinery into the chamber? And power it?