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That's not really what Southwest Detroit is though. I mean yes, gentrification has started to trickle in, but the "vibrant commerce, etc..." he's talking about is from the latino community. Southwest Detroit is essentially Mexicantown. It's mostly immigrants, and the streets are lively because of their businesses.

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I'm not really a brunch guy, but sometimes social situations require it. Yelp, Eater, and similar outlets list great brunch places like Parks & Rec, Hudson Cafe, etc... but in my experience, they haven't been very good. Is there any brunch actually worth my time?

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I mentioned those two places because I agree that they are highly overrated. Hudson Cafe is particularly bad.

I've been to Honest John's and thought it was a good no frills breakfast. Batch Brewing is always good. I trust pretty much anything from Lady of the House, but that's probably a little high end for most occasions. I've not been to Mudgie's for brunch, but that might be a good idea. Northern Lights seems like a good suggestion as well.

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You're out of your mind. Both of those restaurants would make it in plenty of other cities across the US. Takoi holds up. My experiences at Takoi have been nearly as good as my visit to Pok Pok.

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Some of the items on the Parks and Rec menu looked better than others. The presentation of the place is really nice; it's totally "grammable". I had a huevos rancheros type dish that was sad and soupy. I wasn't too impressed with what others at my table got either.