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When he spoke, his word was law

Very well said.

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Seriously in friends best interest that op never dies before he dies. Man can you come bail me out? I'm in a holding cell somewhere in bali.

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What kind of tooling is required to enter the industry yourself, what's stopping you from being your own boss? Also who are your biggest customers?

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Does Dixie have any plans on diversifying into other sectors? Any hints of future product developments? Do you see it as somewhat beneficial to only be able to sell/distribute in the state of CO as opposed to nationwide? What are the laws regarding advertising of your product? -Can you advertise? -How do you advertise? How did you get started in the industry? What is your typical workday/week like? How frequently do you use your own products? What's the development process like regarding your products, do you employ focus groups? What's the biggest hurdle facing your industry currently? If you could be in any other industry what would it be?