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because these people are the snake oil tonic salesmen of the 21st century

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That article reads like it was written by an actual robot, or a child. It's one of the most one dimensional, freshman year of high-school, "i wrote this on the bus to school" analyses of poverty that I've ever seen.

You're a parody of the guy in college who is constantly spouting "critical theory is useless, just major in STEM, bro, science will solve the worlds problems"

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you cowardly piece of shit.

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"Decentralization" that makes the money of the wealthy more secure and not less secure isn't solving anyone's problems, in fact it is maintaining a status quo which is quickly becoming a problem for humanity and all life on earth as we careen toward climate catastrophe.

"entrepreneurs" who pretend they are changing the world disgust me. social change requires mass movements and it cannot happen through your stupid business, or any of the normal channels of our economy.