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Wow. How do your siblings still in the group feel about this, do they also want to leave? How did the rest of your family react to your leaving?

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Hey Scott, we heard about your service from a neighbor and are about to sign up. Is it true you basically have a team doing manual searches for this? I still can't get over that.

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I see. Yeah I once was told that there was a Mormon temple that one could tour but the person said "once it's consecrated [I think that was the word], only Mormons can go in." So I always wondered how they would know. Thanks!

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That's right, temples! Fascinating. How do Mormons typically feel about Jews? I once met a Mormon lady in Arizona who told me that she smoked her own meats in preparation for the Apocalypse and two seconds after asked me my religion. I wasn't really sure so I just said "uhhhhh..." and then when she asked if I was Christian I lied and went back to my house.

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Is it true that non-Mormons can't go into a Mormon church and how do they check?