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I've written essays on this shift in thinking concerning the American Dream being very much a symptom of our Post-Modern Media condition. With the inundation of media and information we have in this society the truth of the "American Dream" as being near delusional is becoming more and more clear to the average American. In fact, if you compare the ideas central to belief in the "American Dream" to those which the DSM-IV-TR details as being characteristic of Grandiose Delusional Disorder it becomes obvious that a belief in it is almost impossible without some degree of blinding oneself to the truth of it.

This could change of course if our economic system changes to allow for more social mobility again, but as it stands currently, economic divides are growing and it is becoming harder and harder to move up from one class in to another.

Is this disillusionment of the "American Dream" a good thing, however? Much of our country's economic strength came as result of belief in it and the hardwork attitude that it seemingly fostered. Can we still be a successful economic power without an "American Dream" ideal ingrained within our culture? Is there maybe a compromise we as a culture can make towards the "American Dream"? Or do we need to begin asking for overhaul to our own tax and economic system to make the "American Dream" an American Potential Reality again?

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The new album, 'Uncanny Valley', feels more confident than your past albums. In a way, this is a major benefit for the work, and in others, it seems to be a hindrance. It feels to me, as a listener, like you're definitely using the studio as an instrument more than you have in past.

My question is, then, you clearly were aware of your newfound maturity as both people and musicians when making this album. When writing and recording this album, were you at any point concerned that this new maturity as musicians would dictate your output and that your fans who appreciate--and in many cases appreciation moves beyond adoration to borderline worship--your earlier, angstier work, would not appreciate this album the same way? Ultimately, were you overly concerned with appealling to your longer term fans, or, writing music that you liked for yourselves as artists?

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Travis, Joe, Eric, and Jason: I am a huge fan of your music. I was 14 years old when I tried to hitchhike to Athens, Ga to see you and Ted Leo play together, and have declared you among my favorite artists since then. You definitely influenced the way I listen to and enjoy music, for the better.

That being said, what was the thought process behind writing 'Let's Just Go to the Dogs'? It's not really like anything else you've produced before. What lead to writing that song? Why the decision to close your first new album in so long with that specific track?

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Terrifyingly, there seems to be a lot of evidence to support this fear within our society today. Thank you for the answer.