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I noticed that too. Dear god it's disturbing how his head moves first and then his eyes follow. Creepy!

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Hey Mike,

This might be something that Robert could answer better, but any ideas being implemented when PAX Prime tickets go on sale this year? Last year there were...issues, I suppose, and I know a lot of people did not get to go because of it. Well, that and they sold out of 3 day passes in about 24 hours. I'm sure they were legitimate buys, but I'd never seen anything like that for PAX before or since (east and west too).

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Just a few things, but mostly, thanks!

  1. Thanks for doing this AMA.
  2. In fact, thanks for doing all of these interviews and really facing the public head on with their questions for this game.
  3. Thanks again to Mariina for doing the interview with me this morning. I'll be sure to post it in /r/CitiesSkylines when it's finished.
  4. I thanked you this morning, Mariina, but I hope more of the team sees this: Thanks for taking the risk. Thanks for having the guts to tackle this genre and take on the giant within it. Thanks for doing what they couldn't (and with less people too). There's a lot of eyes on what you're all doing and a lot of excitement to go along with it.

And one question:

Mariina, this morning during the interview you mentioned some free updates to the game later down the road. For things like DLC that we would pay for...what kind of items or upgrades or whatever would those potentially be?

EDIT: Hey Mariina, forgot to mention this is Scott from In-Game Chat.

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Quick and to the point: Squirting - is it pee or no?

My vote is on no. But I haven nothing at all to back that up with.

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Will you guys be a call-in guest on my weekly radio show about gaming?

Outside of that question, our show loved the game and just wanted to thank you and the team for doing pretty much the whole thing right. No escort missions, good checkpoint system, no part in the beginning where we're all powerful but then lose all our abilities and spend the whole game getting them back. Just....really good work you guys did here.