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PsychoticEngineer112 karma

I still remember the first fundraiser a few months after I joined reddit. I thought $5,000 was pretty great for just one guy who made an app all by himself, but $42,000 is absolutely fantastic. I’m really enjoying all the new icons in the icon pack. Since this subreddit requires me to ask a question in my comment, what features do you plan on adding to Apollo in the future? As always, keep up the amazing work Christian and thanks again for making such a great app!

PsychoticEngineer23 karma

Any plans on making an Apollo android app? Not that I use android, but I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would love it (plus the added bonus of reaching a wider audience for more donations next year)

PsychoticEngineer1 karma

This is kind of a silly question, but which Apollo app icon is your favorite?

PsychoticEngineer1 karma

Even if, it would probably still be a decent investment of time for him, I imagine the app pulls in a decent chunk of pocket change, plus the added benefit of potentially even doubling donations for next year