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Actually, they have a comic book that continued the series. If I recall correctly, Zuko went searching for his mother, and needed Azula's help at some point. Well, Azula being Azula, she decided that when they found their mother, she would betray them and usurp the throne from Zuko. Safe to say that when they did find their mom, she didnt follow through. She ended running off in tears after an emotional confrontation.

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What mistakes did you learn from the first Game Awards that you corrected in the second Game Awards?

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and yet, it is true! Indie devs dont often have a large marketing budget, so things like AMAs are a good way of getting at least some attention.

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there are, you just need to use the AR Cards with a bit of cleverness.

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How should a relatively unknown indie-developer get noticed or reviewed by a news site such as Kotaku? Would one typically get noticed on their own, or do they typically approach you guys with an email?