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but how much time do you have to commit to the brothel to earn that, since you have to basically live there while you're there?

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When new women come in as workers, how often do they stick around? Are they contracted for weeks before they can leave? how many quit pretty soon? How boring is your job (in terms of hours in between having work)?

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You should post your website in your original post (unless that's against rules,) rather than just your Etsy.

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Haunting of Hill House on Netflix is technically horror but for me it was a lot of family drama, mystery and tension. Not sure if I could have watched it without my husband though.

Another film that is not horror and I really enjoyed watching on Halloween was Attack the Block which is a bunch of malcontents fighting aliens.

I don't like horror either but there are some movies or tv shows with horror elements that I can watch. If you're more into slightly spooky but more mystery and fantasy, I recommend the miniseries The Lost Room. It's one of my favorites. I'm bummed it didn't get continued but it's really good by itself.

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Has anyone tried to politicize your daughter one way or the other? How do you handle that?

What traditions have you started in order to have some happiness when remembering Lily beyond what might be tinged by grief?