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Nah... Saul's the hero.

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You've gotten hundreds of comments, but I have a question for you, if you can possibly answer it.

Why are you fighting for medical marijuana rather than full legalization and/or decriminalization? I don't find them compatible. The situation that has arisen in many states is that the "medical" programs simply allow recreational users to obtain a card from specific doctors that exist only to give people medical cards (after all, there's a huge market for this!). This is clearly abuse of the system, as recreational users should NOT be given it if it's clearly intended to be a medical situation.

The abuses of the system clearly show me that we should be fighting for legalization, specifically, but I know there are a lot of people with a lot income coming from medical programs that would no longer be there if it became legalized. Medical programs simply don't seem like the stepping stone toward legalization, if the medical marijuana community is going to realize they will lose a LOT of money if the move happens from medical use to legal use with age restrictions (these are businesses in a capitalist society, after all, they're greatest concern is with their income profit margins, not their customers). Even a compassionate business owner will recognize the drop in prices that would occur if it were legalized.

Granted, cannabis has many medicinal uses, but that does not justify essentially covert recreational use under the cover of medicine. It doesn't matter if it won't get approved without the medical label, we should be truthful in our intentions. The incentive for users and doctors to violate this (and the simplicity of it) warrant this. If legalization happened, it would be better for the medical community (freedom to study it, as opposed to Schedule II I classification like now), and it would be better for consumers (lower prices for consumers, easier entry into the market for entrepreneurs, and legal to perform research). But since when is the American medical and business community concerned about what's really good for patients and consumers, respectively?

I would also like to point out that my own mother is a true medical user, for epilepsy.

EDIT: Correction, cannabis is Schedule I, plua grammar. And keep up the good fight fellow ent!