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How early do you expect people to line up?

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If you could broadcast one message simultaneously through all major US news networks, what woud it be?

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I dunno if you'll see this, but do you remember an English man by the name of Martyn Davis? He did a lot of studio work as a session bassist in his earlier years, for the temptations and scorpions, for example, and your name would always pop up in conversation from time to time when I was super young and he was courting my mom lol. Just wanted to check in and see if I can confirm some details of my life!

Thanks so much.

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Of course! Just out of curiousity and if you're not too busy, how much does one of your sherlocks go for on average? I'll probably have to wait for tax season but patience always pays off :)

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Oh my, that's fucking beautiful..

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