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I was in the coma for only about ten days, but the recollection I have made it feel like a period of years - longer, even. Basically, the coma itself felt similar to a dream, but with a conscious 'knowledge' I wasn't going to wake up, and that all thoughts and actions I took were utterly inconsequential.

It's taken a while to actually piece together what I 'dreamt' during that time, but all the bits I recall were strangely...spiritual. There was a lot of coming to terms with my religious beliefs, and facing what it meant to be dead. In retrospect, I notice this is very similar to reports of the effects of DMT on the brain, so it's entirely likely my brain flooded itself with DMT as a response to being 'dead'.

I'll go a bit more into detail in the post below, though.

I question a lot of those memories, though - it took a while for it all to come back, and it came back in bits and pieces. Furthermore, I have no recollection of about three or four days before I went into hospital, or about four or five hours after being told I woke up. I'm told I was conscious for a good while before my memories actually began.

Having survived, though, I've been left with insight into what it would have meant to actually die. I kind of see it as being given a 'second life', in which I'm aiming to undo 21 years of laziness, improperly spent effort, and wasted opportunities. Basically, I guess, having seen the responses of friends and loved ones, I've taken a step back and wondered what they would have thought of my life up to that point, and how I'd have been remembered. I'm actually extremely thankful for that experience.

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When I first woke up, it was hard to actually recall what I dreamt. It has slowly come back in bits and pieces, but I have no understanding of the order or how much of it is misremembered - I guess mostly like a typical sleep-dream.

However, the dreams I had were very different in nature to standard dreams. There was certainly some severe time dilation; I'd say it felt like years, but in reality it simultaneously felt like eternity as well. In addition, the first 'half' of that 'eternity' was coming to terms with being dead; I was incredibly confused, and couldn't access my memories in the same way as being in a waking state. Further, every time I tried to retrace my steps and work out how and why things weren't 'normal', as one tends to do in a dream, everything went black and reset.

Basically, that 'eternity' didn't end until I finally accepted I wouldn't ever wake up. But the moment that happened, everything went vivid and lucid. I was aware I wasn't awake, and was able to explore my memories and experiences - but yes, it definitely came with a vey strong spiritual nature.

From what I've read, many people who have a near-death experiences talk about having had a 'religious' experience, which often seems strangely in-tune with what religious beliefs they hold strongest. This is believed to be related to a neurochemical called DMT, which also carries the effect of forcing people to undergo 'death'. My experience in the coma was no different; I underwent a 'Christian death', wherein I found myself trying to justify why I deserved to be 'freed' from the state to an indescribable religious figure; and was trying to explain myself from a Christian perspective.

I still question these dreams and experiences, and I would say it woke me up to my spiritual side, but as a student of psychology and psychophysiology, I am aware that a lot of my experiences can be explained chemically. What I went through seems very in line with what I've read about other people's near-death experiences, and almost identical to reports of the effects of DMT on the brain, whether introduced naturally or unnaturally.

Hope that answers your question!

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There's no excuse to be lazy; you will regret it.

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No, Barmah forest virus, but it became especially aggravated by treatment using the wrong medications - the virus doesn't usually get as far south as I live, so there were several misdiagnoses made at first.

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