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This was not a surprising revelation at all, in fact, we anticipated this years ago, which is why we end-to-end encrypt all push notifications between our servers and users' devices. That said, we will continue to use Apple and Google push notifications when the services are available on the device because unfortunately they are favored heavily by the operating system in terms of performance and battery life. We are also developing an alternative push notification framework to support web, desktop, and de-Googled devices.


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Share Proton Drive directory is in development already and we are going to start work on Albums as soon as photo backup for iOS is launched (this is coming soon). -Andy

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Love the whole proton suite. But don't you think 3rd world countries should also have access to the privacy experience you offer. Not everyone will have same purchase parity. Instead of offering free plans, have you thought about introducing regional pricing? There're only three currencies available on proton.

Absolutely: we hear you and we are fully aware of this issue. Making a VPN, we are well aware that VPN themselves can be used to circumvent these very regions 😅. That is why we are currently working on improving our payment system in order to allow us exploring offering regional pricing in a safe way.


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You are fully right. The only reason why our Linux clients are lagging from a development is simply that it is extremely difficult to hire Linux Desktop developers.

So for anyone reading this, if you are based anywhere in the European timezone and willing to take up on the challenge, apply here:



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You should assume that all governments to the best of their capabilities, including democracies, are trying to surveil any web traffic they can. Not only governments, but many, many companies collect and sell this data to both corporate and governmental entities. The US government certainly has top-tier capabilities in this regard and is undoubtably recording most network traffic that goes through the US, as well as that that goes through other parts of the world that it has influence. That said, TLS is likely still secure and will be getting post-quantum upgrades soon so the useful content that can be gathered is limited. Metadata is another story, which is why using a VPN such as ProtonVPN as well as Tor are useful tools in preventing your network traffic from being recorded and monetized.