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I had waited more than 20 years to ask this...

What the fuck is Trumpet Winsock?

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Do you avoid rules heavy games like Axis and Allies or (a game I recently purchased and haven't had the multiple hours needed to set up/learn) Arkham Horror?

Also... do you have Diplomacy and has there ever been a fight over it?

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Hi Grammar Girl! Huge fan. I have a real life grammar question for you.

When using the word historic with an article in front of it, occasionally I'll see people use "an" (as in "an historic day for...") instead of a. I've noticed this several times in well-respected newspapers, books, and newscasts. Do you have any idea why they use an and not a? The rules seem to favor a.

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I work in marketing. What would you say are a few universal truths when it comes to promoting something to a mass audience? Is there anything that always works regardless, or something that NEVER works no matter what?

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You're the best! Thanks.