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ProjectHamster99 karma

Were you expecting the game to spawn such a huge modding community?

Also can we expect more hairstyles/faces for character creation in Kenshi 2? Or possibly more races?

ProjectHamster59 karma

Oh hell yeah. That sounds awesome. Looking forward to spending 20 hours every play-through on making my characters just right.

ProjectHamster46 karma

I wouldn't have it any other way.

ProjectHamster10 karma

Oh man, that looks awesome. Looks like a lot of it will fit in really well with Kenshi.

ProjectHamster1 karma

Another question, how come Southern Hive aren't playable? Is there something that makes them never leave the Southern Hive that the Western Hive don't have?

Also also, why is it that the Shek always treat the player like an outsider even if they themselves are Shek?

I have far too many questions in my head so I'm trying hard to limit myself.