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ProfinChucks11 karma

Hey Adam. Thanks for doing this and for making For the Love of Spock. I have two fairly different questions for you.

First, I never had the opportunity to thank your dad for the character he brought to life. It made a huge impact on me in a way I can't describe. Did your father understand the import that Spock and he had on so many lives?

Second, I'm a supporter on Kickstarter and as I look at various social media posts on which it comes up, I become frustrated when people refuse to help fund it on the basis of something to the effect of, "he must have all of that Spock money. Why does he need our help?" What would you, or what should I, say in response to such a claim?

ProfinChucks4 karma

Thank you so much for your response. I'll be sure to provide all the facts, grounded in logic, whenever I can.